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Title Periodicity Volume Means of transmission Language
1 “Ukrinform: news” Main newswire every week, real-time from 150 news reports a day email, online Ukrainian, Russian
2 “News from Ukraine” Newswire 6 times a week, (Monday- Saturday) real-time from 40 news reports a day email, online Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Spanish
3 “Economic news” newswire 5 times a week, Monday- Friday) real-time from 50 news reports a day email, online Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Spanish
4 Announcement of events 5 times a week (twice a day) up to 5 pages email, online Ukrainian, Russian
Friday – announcement for Saturday, Sunday, Mondays + next week up to 30 pages
5 “Panorama Plus” bulletin every week (Tuesday) up to 20 news stories email, online Ukrainian, Russian
6 TV guide every week (Wednesday) 20 TV Channels email Ukrainian, Russian

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“Ukrinform: news” main newswire

The main and entire information product of Ukrinform.

Top stories of Ukraine and abroad. Foreign and domestic policy. Economy. Finance and business. Legislation. Science. Education. Culture. Sport. Religion. Law-and-order and emergency events. Regions. International affairs. Exclusive interviews, comments, key decisions by government agencies.


“News from Ukraine” newswire

Main current events of political, economic and social life of Ukraine.

Foreign affairs, international cooperation. Information for readers abroad, diplomatic establishments.


“Economic News” newswire

Economic and business news of Ukraine,world news.
The main macroeconomic indicators, industry news, financial and banking sector, commodity and stock markets, market trends.
Exclusive information of companies and corporations, commentaries by experts, results of market research, NBU news.


Стрічка «Укрінформ: політика»

Широкий спектр політичних подій в Україні і за кордоном. Висловлювання, заяви, оперативні відгуки представників різних політичних сил на процеси, суспільні явища, проблемні ситуації. Коментарі державних діячів, політологів, правознавців.


Стрічка «Міжнародне життя»

Оперативна інформація від власних кореспондентів Укрінформу з країн Європи, Азії, Америки, країн СНД. Найголовніші події міжнародного суспільства. Зовнішня політика України. Офіційні візити керівників, високих посадових осіб, візити зарубіжних гостей тощо.


Announcement of events

ЩDaily announcement of latest events of political, economic, social and cultural life of Kyiv, regions of Ukraine and abroad. Information about the place and time of events, participants, contact numbers, accreditation. Calendar of memorable events and dates for the next month.


“Panorama Plus” bulletin

Information of political, economic, social, entertaining character. The Bulleting consist of four separate blocks:
“Society and time”, “Interesting planet”, “Our health”, “Calendar of memorable events and dates”.


TV Guide

TV guide for 20 TV Channels of Ukraine:
UA|TV, TRC “1+1 Studio”, INTER, Novy Channel, ICTV, STB, First National, TONIS, NTN, 5 channel, Ukraine TV Channel, Pixel, Enter-film, Mega, TET, K1 (KTM), K2 (IVK), 2+2, KRT, Culture, Football.